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Success Stories

Pauline W.O. July 2018

One year ago, I was looking for information about re-training options. When I visited the AOLC College campus I was greeted by the very kind and gentle Cecil. He was very soft-spoken and patient while I stumbled and mumbled my way through my request for an appointment and more information about the availability of programs. In walks Dorota to save the day. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to accomplish, and with her help, we were able to pinpoint the type of program that would work best for me, while still having a high employment success rate.
My first day of school was a whirlwind of information and activity. I was a nervous-wreck, feeling out of my comfort zone, scared of the unknown, and lost. Beverly, Tara, Racheal, Robert, and Michael where positive and reassuring, all of them smiling, and, best of all, I felt safe and free from judgement.
The academic courses were current and kept relevant by using a variety of media and teaching styles. The faculty was very open to answering the simplest of questions while phrasing those answers in a way that encouraged the student to come up with the answers themselves.
They offered words of wisdom, encouragement and support when life and school clashed, making sure to retain confidentiality and offering a more private area to work if I felt I needed it. Special thank you to Beverly and Tara for their time and support during this difficult time in my life.
Academy of Learning Career College has provided me with much more than just a diploma; it has provided me with the opportunity to complete my healing process, to gain confidence and to believe in myself.
It is with great pleasure to recommend Academy of Learning Career College to anyone who is looking to embark on a new and exciting career path or simply to upgrade their skills. It is the place to help dreams become reality!

Pauline W.O. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Leslie B. July 2018

I enjoyed my experience at AOLC Learning College where I developed new computer skills, as well as knowledge of business and accounting procedures. The staff were diligent, patient and helpful, allowing me to achieve my goals.

Thank you for the experience!

Leslie B. – Business Accounting Diploma

Amber M. July 2018

When I first applied to the Academy of Learning Career College, I honestly didn’t think I would graduate. I was nothing but a “lost soul” with a mind full of ideas, and a heart filled with dreams. I was as unsure about myself and was confused about my direction in life. But, I was accepted, and I decided to study Medical Office Administration.

The staff and mentors made my time here an excellent experience and are nothing short of wonderful, positive people. Now that my college career is coming to an end, I look back on it and I don’t regret anything. Instead, I beam with confidence and pride.

I’d like to thank all of the faculty of the Academy of Learning Career College for their encouragement, friendliness and positivity. It has truly been a life-changing experience that I will never forget. For anyone who is trying to make a difference in their lives, Academy of Learning Career College should be your first stop!

Amber M. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Althea C. June 2018

“I had a great learning experience at the Academy of Learning Career College. I learned a lot and hope to use what I have learned in my future employment and new beginnings.”

Althea C. – Business Office Skills Diploma

Courtney W. June 2018

“Graduating from AOLCC was a great accomplishment for me. Studying there enabled me to earn my diploma at my own pace, while keeping up with the busyness of everyday life.”

Courtney W. – Business Administration Diploma

Cindy H. June 2018

A big thank you to all the mentors who have taken the time to work with me and each individual as questions arose. Their knowledge and patience is to be commended along with their smiles and pleasant demeanor. The atmosphere is always welcoming and relaxing. I have enjoyed my time here and with my diploma, new doors have been opened for me.

Thank you again to all

Cindy H. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Jennifer A. June 2018

Academy of Learning Career College has been a learning experience for myself. I have learned great skills for the job I currently have and skills for the future in the event that I seek alternative employment. AOLCC was the best way for me to get a diploma with my busy schedule, and the 7 wonderful staff helping me along my way made it a lot easier. I would recommend AOLCC to anyone looking for an opportunity to better themselves. The staff do an amazing job of keeping you on track and making sure you never give up.

Jennifer A. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Elaine N. May 2018

I am happy to be writing this referral for Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston Campus, based on my personal experience here over the past +10 months. At the beginning of my return to college, I was rather unsure of myself and my chosen Medical Office Administration field, and needed more than a little encouragement at times as I was feeling out-of-place when confronted by the fact that I was older than some of my fellow students’ parents at the time.

Unfortunately, in the final weeks of my course, my husband had to go on a medical leave from his work and I needed to be at home to attend him. At this time, Dorota, the Student Services and Admissions Representative was extremely accommodating, and coordinated with both the Restart/Second Career program I was attending school through and with ACFOMI Employment Services to let them know what was happening in my life, and to arrange for a two week extension of my course while I took time off so I could care for my husband without worrying about my education.

Despite the past year being so challenging, with the level of consideration and support that I have received here, I would gladly recommend Academy of Learning as a place of nurturing education.

Elaine N. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Courtney G. May 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Academy of Learning Career College. The entire experience has helped to shape my future and I am forever grateful. Having the flexibility in my schedule to complete my courses when it best suited me was a huge bonus and really helped me succeed in my program. All of the staff are very friendly, supportive, and patient. They explain things in multiple, simplified ways, which aids in a better understanding on the topic. AOLCC was a very pleasant and rewarding experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in any aspect of life!

Courtney G. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Denise W. May 2018

I am a recent graduate of the Medical Office Administration program at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) in Kingston. I wanted the opportunity to go back to school to upgrade my education which would allow me to change my career path. I was really nervous about making this change as I had been in the same career for 10+ years. After meeting with Dorota at the Kingston campus who gave me all the necessary information, the *scare factor* diminished and I became really excited to begin this new chapter in my life. Not only do I have a diploma in Medical Office Administration, I received my Grade 12 diploma in the process. The Learning Coaches truly care about the students and help you to achieve your goals.
Thank-you to Bev, Tara, and Racheal for all your support and helping me achieve all my set goals! Thank-you Dorota for always having that open-door feel. AOLCC made this process not only easy but achievable and I couldn’t have done it without any of you! I have enjoyed my time here but I am excited to start a new path!

Denise W. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Velonah W. April 2018

I recently graduated from the Academy of Learning Career College with a Medical Office Administration Diploma after an intensive one year of learning. The experience at the AOLCC was both convenient and rewarding, as students can tailor their studies and college attendance around their jobs and daily activities. The Learning Coaches/Staff are always helpful and knowledgeable and ready to help whenever needed. I highly recommend Academy of Learning Career College for any individual who is looking to continue with adult education or to upgrade his/her education for better job prospects or to enhance their performance in their current workplace.

Velonah W. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Tanya H. April 2018

What an amazing learning experience!! I have just graduated from the Medical Office Administration program and enjoyed the entire program. Everyone at the college was extremely friendly and helpful; they made me feel like part of the family.

It was great to learn at my own pace, especially when unexpected life events happened during this past year. I would like to thank everyone at the college for helping me obtain my diploma. I have already had the opportunity to complete a 3 week job placement at Hotel Dieu Hospital and enjoyed gaining the experience for future job opportunities.”

Tanya H. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Mary D. April 2018

The past 10 months have been extremely rewarding. Had I known there was this kind of education, I would have done this years ago. Friendly and helpful staff who are as invested in my success as I am, has made this experience extremely positive. I am leaving with confidence and I am looking forward to what is next for me. Thanks for everything, Academy of Learning Career College!

Mary D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Cheryl E. April 2018

The Academy of Learning Career College is a great place to learn. You are treated with respect and the instructors are all very helpful.

I would recommend this college to everyone. You can work at your own pace and the feedback is helpful, never critical.

If you are interested in working toward a new career, this is the place to go!

Cheryl E. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Traci R. April 2018

If you are thinking about returning to school, I highly recommend AOLCC. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Learning Coaches, Tara, Bev and Racheal, are absolutely amazing on so many levels! They want to see you succeed as much as you do. It was undoubtedly nice having one-on-one support, and throughout the 10 months that I attended AOLCC, I learned so much! I now have the confidence to seek and find a career that I stay with until I retire. Thank you to the entire team at AOLCC for helping me reach my graduation day!

Traci R. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

David E. April 2018

Returning to school after decades in the workforce can be daunting. Maintaining a school work/family balance can add to the pressures. At AOLCC, they take that pressure away by allowing you to progress at a comfortable pace that you yourself can set. Utilizing a blended approach to learning based on both book work and computer based training, you are set up for success with easy to follow lessons and instant feedback on your progress. The Learning Coaches are always ready to assist with issues and concerns and their easy going approach ensures that you are soon back on track.
I would highly recommend AOLCC to anyone wanting an enjoyable and successful learning experience, in a truly unique adult setting.

David E. – Business Administration Diploma

Lori K. March 2018

A little over a year ago, my life completely changed. After 17 years, my marriage ended and I became a single mom. My self-esteem and confidence were very low, and I was so lost I didn’t know where to turn. Around the same time, due to a health condition, I had to leave my first career as a hair stylist, and this was very difficult for me because I loved what I did. Though this was a truly difficult period, after several months of feeling sad and unfocused, I decided it was time to pick myself up and move forward.

My best friend picked me up and we set off to check out a few schools where I might be able to gain the training toward a new career. The first place we went to was Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston. When I walked into the school, I was greeted right away with a smile. I met with Admissions Representative, Dorota Mirek, who patiently explained how the college worked, and by the end of our conversation I felt that she truly believed in me, even if I felt uncertain about myself. I decided right then that this college was the one for me, and I took the steps I needed to begin my journey as a student in the Medical Office Administration diploma program. I was provided with all of the necessary information, and guided through the application process without any stress.

From the first day I started, Dorota and all of the staff at AOLCC made me feel completely welcome. During my program, I had encountered further struggles in my personal life, not the least of which was losing my sister. My mentor, Tara, was very understanding and helped me to develop strategies to heal, and she and the entire staff were very patient with me during this time, helping me to stay on track with my studies. They understood my dedication and how much it meant to me to succeed, and I truly appreciated their compassion and understanding. I became involved in organizing and initiating college events, and also was provided with opportunities for hands-on learning which have been a wonderful way to help me cement my newly-acquired knowledge.

Not only did I succeed, I also found a new, more confident version of myself. I am grateful to to AOLCC for the opportunities they gave me. I met many great people, helped coordinate a Blood Drive for the college, and took on a volunteer position at local medical office where I put my skills to work. Some days I really struggled, but there was no way I was giving up. With the support of all the staff I pushed through and made it.
Now, I am about to start a new career as I have recently been hired for a position in the Medical Office Administration field. I have renewed self-esteem and my hope is that my story will reach others to help them see that they can begin again, too.
Without hesitation, I can say that because of the care and support given by the AOLCC team, as well as my own determination to do well, I believe in me, too.

Lori K. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Annie T. March 2018

Releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces and transitioning to the civilian world, I was a bit anxious about going back to school. Initially, as someone whose first language is French, I was very apprehensive about taking courses taught in English.

I enrolled in the Business Accounting Diploma program at AOLCC Kingston, and while working through my program, I was fully supported so that I was able to progress through the curriculum easily at my own pace. The college was able to accommodate me for my personal appointments and other obligations and worked with me to ensure that I completed and successfully obtained my diploma.

My experience at Academy of Learning Career College has exceeded all my expectations. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and will do what they can to assist. I am already thinking of taking another diploma because I know I will have all the help and support I may need. I highly recommend looking into their courses and the services offered if you’re thinking about starting a new career.

Annie T. – Business Accounting Diploma

Stacy M. March 2018

I am so grateful for my experience at the Academy of Learning Career College. The Learning Coaches created a supportive and encouraging learning environment, and the coursework was focused, well-paced, and practical. I feel confident in the skills I developed and well-prepared to enter the workforce in my new field.

Stacy M. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Tammy S. February 2018

After visiting two other colleges prior to stepping foot inside Academy of Learning Career College, I realized I was less than thrilled to follow the mass of twenty-somethings bustle from one class to the next. Being in my forties and having been out of the school routine for many years, I was looking for something that was simpler and more, shall I say, “adult”.
Once I met with Dorota at the Kingston campus, and seeing how the programs ran, I was instantly excited about returning to my studies! AOLCC caters to people who have been in the workforce and are updating their skills or have been injured in some way and are retraining, or like me, who have experienced “burn out” in their current profession and are in desperate need of a change. There was no question that Academy of Learning Career College was where I would obtain my diploma.
I immediately felt welcomed and very comfortable. The staff are so easy to approach and extremely helpful when needed. You set your own pace. The schedule is flexible and works well with your lifestyle. You can fly through courses that you find easy or take as much time as you need to absorb the courses that you find more challenging.
I want to especially thank two of my facilitators, Tara Teeling for her encouragement and support. Her belief in her students’ success is contagious. She is your own personal cheerleader. Next is Bev Robson, she has a way of building you up and making you believe in yourself. She let you know that everyone learns differently and that there is no right or wrong way. I am grateful to call them both my mentors and friends. You ladies are amazing.
My time at AOLCC has been educational in many ways. I leave with not only knowledge in a new profession, but with more self-worth and a higher self-esteem. I hold my head higher and my shoulders straighter. I have become a stronger, more confident me.
I am not sure where my career will lead me, but I do know that it will be a wonderful journey.
Thank you Academy of Learning Career College for everything.

Tammy S. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Jennifer B. January 2018

I was very nervous about going back to school, but going to the Academy of Learning Career College was one of the best experiences of my life. When I arrived, I met my Learning Coach, Tara, she was easy to talk to: personable, knowledgeable and welcoming, as are the other Learning Coaches (Bev, Racheal). I’m a little sad that I won’t be here for much longer as I will be graduating with a diploma in Medical Office Administration but, I have truly enjoyed my time here. Through this experience, I have all the skills necessary to thrive in my new job role as Unit Clerk at Kingston General Hospital which will begin as soon as I graduate!

I would recommend Academy of Learning Career College to anyone who needs to go back to school. AOLCC is very flexible and easy going and works around your hectic schedule.

Thank you very much for being patient with me and helping me to get my diploma!


Jennifer B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Katrina Y. November 2017

The staff at AOLCC helped me to believe in myself and made my learning experience enjoyable. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without their help.

Katrina Y. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Hoda M. October 2017

I consider myself lucky because I have met kind, cooperative and helpful people during my first year of residence in Canada. I am a new immigrant to Canada, coming from Egypt in September, 2016. In Egypt, I was employed as a dentist. When I came to Canada, I made the decision to change my career, and began researching different job roles related to the medical field.

I ultimately decided to register in the Medical Office Administration Diploma program at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), Kingston, Ontario campus. In the beginning, I felt lost as I did not know how to apply, which papers would be required, or how independent study would work for me since my first language is not English. However, when I met Dorota, the Admissions Representative of AOLCC, she made the process seem simple, gently guiding me through it. She was so warm and welcoming, and I truly believe that without her assistance, I would have been overwhelmed with the process.

Throughout my studies, I found Facilitators Tara and Bev, to be very helpful and cooperative. Both are very kind, decent and patient no matter how many questions you may ask. I would like to give special thanks to Tara as she helped me to develop a professional résumé and cover letter and supported me through the job search process which I found very comforting.

I would like to thank all the staff of AOLCC and recommend this college to anyone who wants to shift his or her career. I can assure you that you will be supported and valued!

As I come to the end of my diploma program, I feel sadness that the experience has ended so quickly. I will never forget the days I spent at AOLCC!

Hoda M. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Mandy A. August 2017

During my search of colleges to attend, I came across the Academy of Learning Career College, where I was instantly welcomed before I had even made the decision to attend. All of the staff at the college made the decision to attend very easy, as they were all very invested in my goal to be successful.

The staff at the college were very helpful and supportive as I took this journey, and I could not have chosen a better place to work towards my goals.

I am forever grateful to Dorota, Michael, Tara, Bev, Jane, Cecil, and Rob for my experience at Academy of Learning Career College. I cannot thank them enough for all the dedication and time they all put in to help me reach my goals.

Mandy A. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Pamela B. August 2017

I am a recent graduate of the Medical Office Administration Diploma program at the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston, ON campus. My experience at AOLCC has been rewarding and totally life-changing. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to upgrade their skills or further their education. The staff is truly amazing and their ultimate goal is the success of their students.

I would like to commend all the staff at AOLCC. Without all of their support, guidance and encouragement, I would not have made it to graduation day. Thank you!!!


Pamela B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Andrea M. August 2017

My name is Andrea Miller. I am an Administrative Assistant Diploma graduate from the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston, ON campus. I highly recommend AOLCC to anyone seeking a College able to offer the opportunity to earn credible qualifications while allowing for a flexible study schedule. I had researched other colleges, but the Student Service/Admissions/Financial Aid Officer, Dorota Mirek, was very welcoming, listened to my needs and provided me with the necessary information to make an informed choice of the diploma program I should pursue to meet my career goals. Dorota was very accommodating when drafting up both payment and attendance schedules in the hopes of helping me juggle life while I worked toward earning my diploma. She made it all seem so achievable and went out of her way to help me draft a plan to make it a reality.
I have learned so much from the Administrative Assistant Diploma program with the excellent help and support from my facilitators. The facilitators all worked so well together which created a safe learning environment. I was able to complete some of the subjects quickly, while others were more challenging and required extra time and effort. Facilitator, Beverley Robson, was a great resource throughout the program making me feel like helping me achieve my goal was a priority for her as well. Beverley was able to clarify concepts I was struggling with in such a way that I was left with a renewed confidence for my own abilities and skills. She was the support I needed while I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tackled earning my diploma so I could begin a new career as an Administrative Assistant. My experience at the college was positive and rewarding. Thank you.

Andrea M. – Administrative Assistant Diploma

Ryan C. August 2017

With all the knowledge and skills the staff of Academy of Learning Career College has passed down onto me, I was able to obtain the job I wanted.

I would like to thank AOLCC and everyone who have helped me along my journey to realizing that I can achieve a quality education beyond High School. This belief has driven me to pursue higher levels of achievement in terms of education and my own personal growth.

Thank you so much to the AOLCC staff for the encouragement and knowledge throughout my experience at the college.

Ryan C. – Business Administration Diploma

Rabiah J. July 2017

My experience at Academy of Learning Career College left me with absolute confidence that I’d made the right choice to attend their Medical Office Administration program in comparison to other college options I was contemplating at the time.

The customized learning schedules at AOLCC allowed me to move easily through content, or extend my length of study on different courses that I may have needed more time to digest. As well, the individual study plan allowed me to take breaks when I needed them without fear of missing class content or disrupting others’ schedules.

The independence and custom learning pace aside, the facilitators at the college are really approachable and helpful, and the programs overall are very relevant to the kinds of careers they’re preparing you for.

There is no obligation to take optional courses that have nothing to do with your career of choice (drama, history, social studies and the likes), and I actually used all the textbooks I bought, which surprised me.

The programs and resources are worth the money spent on them, and I highly recommend the experience.

Rabiah J. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Brad G. July 2017

I recently graduated from the Business Administration course.
I enjoyed the ease of learning and all the assistance that I required from all the staff.
I will be back for more upgrades.

Brad G. – Business Administration Diploma

Patrick O. July 2017

My name is Patrick John Ortega. I am originally from the Philippines and moved to Canada in 2015. At first, I was overwhelmed by the move: I was surrounded by new people, in an environment I wasn’t familiar with, speaking a language that I didn’t understand. Although I found a job fairly quickly, I knew I wanted something better. My main barrier was language, but I also knew I needed to upgrade my skills.

My mother made the suggestion that I go back to school. At first, I didn’t have any interest in doing this; however, I soon came to realize that if I wanted a better job, and a brighter future, the best thing I could do was to find a school that would meet my needs and help me to develop the skills for the jobs I want.

I found the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston, Ontario, and with the help and guidance of Admissions Representative, Dorota Mirek, I was able to find the program that suited me best. Dorota is the kindest person I’ve ever met, and she was very supportive and helpful when I needed it. Bev, Tara and Jane, who are all Learning Coaches at the college, always took the time to help me understand course content in a patient and understanding manner. I am also thankful to Cec and Rob, who also play a role in supporting the students, and lastly to Michael, who is AOLCC’s Director. Michael is a very kind person who always cooks delicious food whenever there is an event at the school.

I want to thank everyone at the college so much for everything you’ve done for me. I know that anyone who chooses Academy of Learning Career College will have the same wonderful experience I did!


Patrick O. – Business Accounting Diploma

Sherri V. July 2017

“I’ve never been one to finish what I start, but the staff at Academy of Learning Career College were there to push me and keep me on track. I loved it there so much that I finished one diploma then continued on to finish a second. I’m sad to leave, but know I’m well prepared to find a job in my field and be great at it.”

Sherri V. – Business and Medical Office Administration Diplomas

Laura H June 2017

I had a very rough start after graduating high school and going into post-secondary. I tried multiple programs at different colleges and universities because I let many people’s opinions personally get to me, and I never put myself first when it came to my education. Now that I have, I was unstoppable of being successful in the program that I always dreamt of doing: Medical Office Administration.
At Academy of Learning Career College, I learned at my own pace without the pressure of the “big classroom” feeling, but still had manageable deadlines to meet with tasks, quizzes, exams…etc. The one-on-one help and communication really had a big impact on me as I realized that this was the best way for me to learn and it feels so good to finally be successful with something I’ve wanted to do for many years.
I promised myself that I would stop at nothing to achieve my diploma and with the help of all the facilitators, my family and friends, I was able to complete my goal. If there’s one thing to remember, it is to never give up. I was at my worst when entering this program and now I am at my best. The staff believed in me which made me believe in myself for the first time in a very long time. Every college staff member at this school puts 110% of themselves into making sure their students become a success every day and I couldn’t be where I am right now without the help from them.

Laura H. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

DianneJ June 2017

Going to the Academy of Learning Career College was one of the best experiences of my life. Walking into a school after 38 years was a very frightening and scary feeling, but Tara and Bev welcomed me with big smiles and made me feel comfortable immediately.

I was initially very nervous and had never worked with computers before which was a very frightening thing. Tara was very helpful and patient with me, and after a couple of weeks my confidence increased and I settled right in. The school was very accommodating to my needs and did their best to make sure I was feeling relaxed and able to concentrate.

I would recommend Academy of Learning Career College to anyone who needs to go back to school or to update their computer skills. I am very proud of myself that with everything that was going in my personal life, with the help from the staff at the school, I managed to maintain a 90% average. I am very grateful to Academy of Learning Career College for helping me personally besides helping me receive an education. They gave me the confidence I needed to go back out into the work force and feel good about myself.

Thank you again Academy of Learning Career College for the great experience and the education I received from the school.


Dianne J. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Maria DL May 2017

It was year 1997 when I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in the Philippines. I was so glad that I was finally “DONE” with school. I had no plans to return to school until recently I came to realize the importance of continuing education which would help me to develop a successful career in Canada. My biggest motivation was my daughter. I wanted to become a role model for her, just like my mother is for me. I wanted her be proud of me and my accomplishments. Most importantly, I want to give my family a better future here in Canada.

The decision to go back to school to further my studies and professional career here in Canada was not easy and presented a big challenge to me. I was nervous about whether I would be able to balance working and taking care of my family’s needs with my studies. But, thanks to the staff and support system of Academy of Learning Career College, I quickly realized I’d made the right decision. The college offers a flexible schedule, a comfortable learning environment, student focused training, and the opportunity to learn at your own pace. This competency-based learning help me to get to my graduation day!

I am so glad that I returned to school. I rediscovered my strengths, polished my skills and built confidence throughout my course of study. The journey and opportunity of continuous learning helped me hone my professional strengths and identify areas of improvement. It also helped me expand my social network, exposed me to diverse ideas and provided opportunities to meet people within the same field.

I’m happy that I chose Academy of Learning Career College and am delighted with what I accomplished. I never would have thought that I would successfully obtain my Business Administration Diploma Program, with honours, in less than a year. I am so grateful to my teacher, Tara Teeling, who was a great help and provided me with all the support I needed.

I highly recommend Academy of Learning Career College for those who want to further their education and professional careers.

Thank you so much to everyone at Academy of Learning Career College – Kingston. My entire experience has been very enriching and rewarding. I am a proud graduate of year 2017!

Maria DL – Business Administration Diploma

Jacklynn O. April 2017

My name is Jacklynn O’Neil and I have attended the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston Campus, for the past 9 months. I have been enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program and will be graduating very soon!

My experience at AOLCC has been a great one! I have enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people during this experience. I have learned so much in such a short time and I now feel amazingly positive about my future.

The Learning Coaches here are great: very friendly, helpful and patient. I will miss everyone at AOLCC, as well as the college itself. I would definitely recommend the Academy of Learning Career College to family, friends, or anyone else in the future. My expectations have been exceeded, and I am happy to say that I will be starting a full-time career in a couple of days, having just obtained a position in my field! Thank you to everyone here who helped and supported me along the way. I will never forget any of you.

My greatest thanks and respect,

Jacklynn O. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Pauline G April 2017

To All Staff at the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston Campus

I must admit, returning to college as such an advanced age has been a journey I never thought I would be experiencing, especially traveling 4 hours a day, 4 days per week, to do so in a totally new city. Honestly, some days were quite overwhelming and discouraging with all the computer courses required for my program, but it is all part of the package, isn’t it? Computers are now my friends (not close friends, but my friends). These technologies were new to me, as I am sure they are for most mature students who walk into this college for the first time. I was astonished that it took longer for the large volume of information to be absorbed into my memory, never having experienced this throughout my past educational studies.

Through the patience on both Tara and Bev’s part (and perseverance on mine) I am overwhelmed with emotion as I realize that this is all coming to an end.

A new chapter in my “Book of Life” has been written, thanks to all the knowledge I have acquired while here at the Academy of Learning Career College, and I can hardly wait to start my new journey.

I, amongst most of the students here I am certain, feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from such understanding and caring staff. The work you have all been doing throughout all these years has been truly life-changing for so many people. Accolades to you all for such important work!

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all of you, for the much-needed guidance required for me to complete the Medical Receptionist Diploma Program.

Pauline G. – Medical Receptionist Diploma

Maike B January 2017

Time flies when you have fun!

Admittedly, I am sad that my time at the Academy of Learning Career College has come to an end. It was not too long ago that I started my training to receive my Medical Office Administration Diploma, and now I have successfully obtained it. It feels like it all started yesterday!
The idea of getting a second education had been brewing in my mind for a while. I have worked as a technician for over 20 years in various scientific labs, but have become more and more interested in the administrative and clerical tasks which were part of my job role. It seems to me that doing a hard switch from one work field into a completely different one, saying “But I know how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.” just does not cut it anymore, and I knew I needed to update my skills.
After a multitude of discussions with all and everyone I could think of (all of them being very supportive and urging me to pursue this idea [even my mom, who is usually the most critical]), I went to shop around for Career Colleges. Of all the ones located in Kingston, the Academy of Learning Career College was my chosen candidate. There were a couple of convenience points which swayed the decision, but at no time did I ever regret it.
At first I was not convinced I would be a good self-learner. I always preferred somebody explaining the material to me and then going through exercises to “drive-home” the point in question. But, surprisingly, self-learning revealed itself to me as something I was actually quite good at, and I found that I was easily completing courses and moving forward without issue.
Each course is composed of material which is offered through textbooks and a supporting audio/visual medium. To “really get it”, students are provided with practice exercises which requires application of the learned material. Additionally, many courses include small quizzes which reveal any blanks in your knowledge so that you can review areas which require strengthening, allowing you to develop solid understanding of the course material.
When in doubt, raise your virtual hand (question mark), and your facilitator will come to give additional explanation.
I am grateful for the help and patience offered by my facilitator, Tara Teeling, who also took note of and accommodated my own personal needs at all times throughout the whole training without decreasing the level of support. All personnel at the Kingston Academy of Learning Career College are helpful every time you need assistance.
I would definitely come back to Academy of Learning Career College for additional courses if the need should arise, and can sincerely recommend anybody to give this Career College serious consideration when thinking about pursuing a second education.

Maike B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Patricia W December 2016

How different would your life be if you were given a GPS to show you your path you are supposed to take in life? Avoiding obstacles down the road, and being given an alternate route in order to get to your destination. Oh my, how easy that would be? Unfortunately, that is not the case and we have to try to work with what we are given.

As an adult, you are expected to know what you want to be when you grow up and try your best to attain it. You end up in a career that you love, or hate, or end up getting injured, or just plain totally stressed out. Suddenly you are faced with that turn in the road that you never thought would happen. You feel absolutely helpless, and now you have the decision to make with so much at stake. This is definitely when that GPS sure would have come in handy!

That is exactly what happened with me and after years of flip flopping with different jobs after leaving a career unexpectedly I had hit, what felt to be “rock bottom”. Suddenly my father’s voice was in the back of my mind saying, “knowledge is power, don’t ever forget it”. So I started to look into the different Colleges and googled, “adult education”. My search brought me to the Academy of Learning website, I went through the whole website, the courses and testimonials, I even watched the videos. I was hoping maybe this was going to be what I needed to finally make that change in my life. So I booked an appointment and went in to see Dorota Mirek, the Admissions and Student Services at Academy of Learning. Right away, I was welcomed with her smile and compassion and a warmth as someone who is already family. It was then that I knew, this was where I was supposed to be.

Dorota encouraged me to get the funding with the assistance of Keys, the Employment Centre that I had been going to for help in finding employment. It was scary, and I really didn’t think there was any help out there, after seeing the councilor, I learned that there is help. Within a month, I was enrolled in the Medical Office Administration Diploma Program at Academy of Learning.

I was terrified on the first day, because I had always suffered from “test anxiety” and wasn’t the best student in high school. Then I met Racheal, an instructor at the College, who sat me at my computer and started me on my way of becoming a student again. I was so nervous and anxious, I thought my brain had disappeared and how was I going to be able to do this? That’s when I met Tara. Tara is also an instructor at the College, who I am not sure I could have done as well as I did without her guidance, support, empathy, understanding, and such compassionate nature. Her unconditional caring and kindness wasn’t once in a while, it was without a doubt, every day for me. Tara has been my rock, my buoy, my lifeline helping me achieve my goals and finally, my success in completing my program and being able to graduate with honours. This education has given me self-empowerment, meaning taking ownership of ourselves and responsibility for our success. I am now qualified and able to apply for the positions not only in the Healthcare Industry, but for Office Administration positions and receiving excellent feedback from hiring managers.

I had quite a lot of hurdles during my program, and through it all, no matter what was happening in my life, I was given all of the compassion and support from each and every person at the school, just as you would be given in your own family. I want to thank you all beginning with the College Director, Michael Teglas, the Admissions and Financial Aid of Student Services, Dorota Mirek, the wonderful and so very talented Facilitator/Instructor, Tara Teeling, best laugh ever and always so kind Facilitator/Instructor, Bev Robson, the sweet and always happy Racheal Hall, and finally the adorable and funny Front desk, Cecil Parks.

Patricia W. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Christina L December 2016

Going back to school can be very daunting, but thanks to Academy of Learning Career College and the amazing staff, I made it to Graduation Day! There were many times I became frustrated with myself, but the staff would always support me through. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made and I would recommend this college to anyone.

Christina L. – International Hospitality Management Diploma

Jennifer H November 2016

Attending the Academy of Learning Career College was one of the better choices I have made in my life. Last year I started the Microcomputer Business Applications Diploma program. Weeks after completion, I began my new career working for the Ontario Ministry of Health. My income doubled and the hours are amazing! What I learned at AOLCC helped me to be more confident and capable in my new position. I have even been able to show other staff shortcuts that can make them more efficient, which makes their days easier.
Without a doubt I would recommend AOLCC to others. Several years prior to attending the Academy of Learning Career College, I completed a Chemistry Diploma at a large, public college. In comparison…well there is no comparison because at AOLCC, I never felt like a walking-talking student number. All of the staff at AOLCC sees your potential and helps you grow as a person while building the confidence you need to be the best you.

Thank you.

Jennifer H. – Microcomputer Business Applications Diploma

Candice K October 2016

I would recommend The Academy of Learning Career College to everyone, especially if you have children, a medical condition or you are working. The Academy of Learning Career College works around your busy, hectic life and medical issues to help you successfully earn your diploma. I found all the staff to be friendly, warm hearted and also very helpful in answering any questions I had. I could have not done it without them. Thank you to The Academy of Learning Career College staff!

Candice K. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Brittany M October 2016

I am a graduate of the Medical Office Administration Program at the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston!

I am very happy that I made the decision to complete my diploma through the Academy of Learning Career College instead of through a public college. The program took me approximately 8 months to complete instead of two years. I was able to work independently at my own pace, and though I had set minimum hours to complete, the college was flexible with prior commitments and always ensured that I was able to fulfill my hours. The Medical Administration Diploma Program was definitely the right choice for me. I left feeling so confident in my abilities and with great excitement to work in the field.

My mentor, Tara, was incredible and always such a great support system for me while I was there. She is great at what she does and I learned so much from her, especially when it came to cover letter and resume writing. She was always providing me with resources and encouragement.

Also, thank you so much to Racheal who was also a great help to me, especially when it came to helping me through the math courses in the program. There were so many times when I had difficulty understanding the math-based programs but she never let me give up! She is a great teacher who is very patient, and supportive!

Thank you to everyone at the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston for your continuous support through this journey!

Brittany M. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Justine K October 2016

I would recommend the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston Campus, to anyone looking to obtain a post secondary diploma. The way the courses are laid out make it easy to work at your own pace and get ahead of the course schedule. Being able to work faster meant that I was able to look for and obtain employment more quickly than I would have been able to at another college. The instructors are helpful and friendly, and the college itself has a very laid-back atmosphere that creates a comfortable workspace. I enjoyed the time I spent pursuing my Medical Office Administration Diploma, and was able to complete the program before my anticipated end date. Thank you Academy of Learning Career College for helping me achieve my career goal.

Justine K. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Kaitlin G August 2016

My experience at Academy of Learning Career College was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team of people helping me every day! The whole staff made me feel more comfortable about going back to school and were always bringing me back up when I was telling myself I couldn’t do it! I’m so happy, I made the decision to go back to school and didn’t give up when it got tough!

Thank you to the entire staff for helping me get to graduation day!! In the end I surprised myself with how well I did and couldn’t be happier that I chose Academy of Learning Career College to help me get here!

Kaitlin G. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Scott L August 2016

I had a great time at the Academy of Learning Career College. The staff was a great help whenever I needed assistance. The flexibility of the hours allowed me to come in when I could so that I could balance my education with work. AOLCC has created a positive, supportive atmosphere where you can rediscover the joy of learning again.

Scott L. – Network Administrator Diploma

Wayne E August 2016

My experience with the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston was fantastic! Your team of facilitators were terrific, very knowledgeable and of great assistance when required. The course material is laid out in an easy to understand manner and is well balanced between books and computer assisted training. Academy of Learning Career College is perfect for the mature student as you can take the courses at your own speed which creates an enjoyable work/classroom environment.
What I appreciated most was the interaction with your team. They cut through the unnecessary and kept everyone happy and motivated which delivered results and then some.

Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience!

Wayne E. – Business Administration Diploma

Katherine T July 2016

I have so much to say about Academy of Learning Career College but it would take me all day!
First of all, this special day would not have happened if it wasn’t for Tara, Dorota, Michael, Bev and Racheal, who have guided me through this program with their experience and patience. My experience here at the college has been challenging, but also rewarding. I have gained so much knowledge and hands-on experience! It’s never too late to upgrade your skills. I would recommend Academy of Learning Career College to anyone who is changing careers or who just wants to build on their existing knowledge.
The staff is dedicated to the success of each student. Many times I became frustrated with myself, but the staff would not let me give up. I am proud to say that I am now a graduate who recently found a position in the field I have trained for.
I have learned that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind in it and believe in yourself.

Kathy T. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Cindy C July 2016

From the moment I stepped into Dorota’s office I knew my life was about to change.

Less than a year ago, I was stuck in a dead end job with no real chance for advancement. As a single mother, with two young boys, every day was a struggle. With no post secondary education, my options were limited and at times, it felt as though there was no hope.

Initially I came to the Academy of Learning Career College with a friend who was interested in upgrading her education, and I had no real plans to enroll myself. After a very informative meeting, I was SOLD!
From that point, things moved very quickly. With the help of the staff, I was ready to begin this amazing journey, in a matter of days. With the flexible schedule, I was able to attend school without having to pay for any extra childcare. They helped me through the OSAP process and offered some excellent advice about every other aspect of this life change.

From the first course, the mentors: Tara, Bev and Racheal, supported me completely (even with grammar, blech). As an adult learner, I was nervous of appearing foolish, or of becoming an inconvenience to the facilitators, but no matter how many questions I brought to them, they treated me with the utmost respect and even managed to make me laugh through the tough days. The ability to work at my own pace gave me time to concentrate on the things I found difficult, and alleviated the boredom that can set in when forced to spend too long on a subject that you already understand. My “mock interview” with Mike helped me figure out how to sell myself to potential employers in a way I never would have thought of before, and as a result, I was able to make myself stand above other applicants and secure a position in my field before I had even completed the entire course. This was another bonus of their flexible scheduling, as I was able to work and finish my program at the same time.

From start to finish, the staff stood by my side and showed me my potential, even when I couldn’t see it myself. I developed not only the necessary skills to excel in my new field, but also the confidence to continue my adventures outside the college.

Thank you, to all of you, for making this particular woman’s world a whole lot brighter.

Cindy C. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Ashly K June 2016

Independent – but not alone: that is how I would best describe my overall experience at Academy of Learning Career College. I attended another college right after high school and it really tainted my ambition to learn and apply effort. I took a couple years off from schooling and worked full time while trying to decide what my next steps should be. I started looking around for other options, hoping I would not have to go back to a big “mainstream” college and while out driving one day, I suddenly came upon Academy of Learning Career College. That’s when I decided to go back to school.

The first person I met at the college was Cecil. My first impression of him was that he was friendly and professional, and over the next 8 months, I found out just how funny he is. He definitely helped with lightening the mood of students. I then met Dorota, the Admissions Representative and Financial Aid Officer, whose positive attitude and ambition helped me to decide to enroll. No matter what I was concerned about, she always presented a solution, which was very reassuring. Then, I met the college Director, Michael, and it did not take long to realize how helpful and supportive he is, dedicated to everyone’s success.

Once I started my program, I found that I had so much ambition to learn that I was consistently able to complete course work on schedule. I did this with the support of the Facilitators, Tara, Bev, and Racheal. They all have more patience than I will ever acquire. Every question was answered, some were answered repeatedly. Tara had the patience to sit with me, explain, and help me until it was resolved. Bev asked probing questions to help me find the solutions, and Racheal explained 1 thing at least 3 different ways which I found very helpful.

I met so many interesting and new people; people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, each at different places in their lives. I worked independently on my studies yet found myself in a big group environment. We had pot-lucks, fundraisers, bake sales, and weekly meetings. Academy of Learning Career College has their own little community and everyone was welcome.

I graduated with honours in June, 2016 from the Business Administration Program. I am now working for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, HR Advisory Services division, as an Information Management Clerk. If it wasn’t for Academy of Learning Career College, the people who work there, and the program I took, I would not be where I am now. I would recommend this college to anyone. If I ever need further education, I would return. I am so grateful I found Academy of Learning Career College.


Ashly K. – Business Administration Diploma

Ron C June 2016

I was always intimidated by the thought of going back to school, but with the help and encouragement of the friendly staff, and the work-at-your-own-pace approach to learning that Academy of Learning Career College provides, it was a positive and rewarding experience.

Ron C. – Business Accounting Diploma

Lorie R June 2016

When I approached the Academy of Learning Career College it was time for me to upgrade my skills in order prepare me for re-entering the workforce from a new perspective.

The flexibility and relaxed atmosphere made learning much less stressful and much more meaningful. I learned a lot about myself and those around me. My educational experience exceeded my expectations.

The school gives you the tools and support you need; however, the attitude is all yours!

I am excited to share that I was fortunate enough to obtain gainful employment one day after completing my courses.

When I started with AOLCC it was to achieve a goal. When I left AOLCC, it was with a sense of accomplishment. I am grateful to all those who contributed to that.

Thank you.
Lorie R. – Certificates

Raymond I May 2016

I’m thankful for Academy of Learning in helping me complete the programming leading to the Web Design diploma. In my situation, traditional college daily attendance was not possible. Academy of Learning Career College provided me the flexibility and compassionate assistance I needed to earn my diploma with top marks. You have my gratitude.

All the best,
Raymond I. – Web Designer Diploma

April P May 2016

My name is April Pelton and I am a recent graduate from the Business Office Skills program at Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston, Ontario. I am so excited about my accomplishment because it has been a dream for such a long time, and now it has finally happened. I would recommend AOLCC to anyone who is looking to make their own educational dreams come true. I’ve tried other schools in the past, but when it came to receiving a college education, I had trouble finding the right fit. That is, until I found Academy of Learning Career College.

The one-on-one support was the thing I had been missing in my previous educational experiences. By learning the way that suited me best, I was able to accomplish my goals. The college worked with me to find my best learning process, and because of this, I was able to not only obtain my diploma, but to do it ahead of schedule. This was a wonderful surprise!

Academy of Learning Career College accommodated my educational needs and personal schedule easily, and this gave me the confidence and support to succeed.

April P. – Business Office Skills Diploma

Lisa R May 2016

The Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston is a great place to develop new skills. It was the perfect educational environment for me with their flexible school hours.

With the ongoing guidance and the daily assistance of the knowledgeable staff, I was able to complete my course in under a year and graduate with honours in the Medical Administration program.

Thank you all for helping me accomplish this goal.

Lisa R. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

Lynn WM May 2016

Let me begin by stating that I never would have guessed after forty years in the working force, changes in my career would be in the wind and I would be going back to school.
Life had a way of mixing things up and so I did. I must admit this was a challenge but moving on and along the new path, I chose to attend the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston.
This was absolutely the right choice for me. These wonderful people took the time to understand who I was and how I learned. In doing so, they helped me to integrate my program with my learning style.
The facilitators always encourage you to move forward and embrace the educational experience.
I am forever grateful to all the caring people at the Academy of Learning Career College.

Lynn W. – Medical Receptionist Diploma

Donna W May 2016

I truly feel that my experience at a private career college is what made all the difference in the world. I was able to receive the one-on-one attention and support that I would not have received at a community college.

Donna W. – Business Office Skills Diploma

Heather L April 2016

I have attended the Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston since September of 2015. Today is the last day of my Business Accounting Diploma. I have not attended any type of schooling since 1988, so I was very worried I would have problems. From day one, meeting Dorota, you are put at ease. The courses were demanding and challenging, but there was always help. Bev, Tara and Racheal really “know their stuff” and really care about how you are doing. I could not have done this without the wonderful support of all of the staff. I am leaving today with a renewed sense of worth and knowledge, and the ability to move on with my life, thanks to the GREAT people at the Academy of Learning Career College.

Heather L. – Business Accounting Diploma

Jacquie D March 2016

I just wanted to take a quick moment and let you know happy I am with my experience at AOLCC.

The learning structure offered by AOLCC makes it possible for companies like ours to grow by investing our people and their training without sacrificing customer service and disrupting the course of business. It is obvious that AOLCC has the same standards for their students/clients as not only do you provide outstanding course curriculums but your entire staff are all true professionals.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Sage Accounting and Microsoft programs I have completed over the past months. You provide such a wonderful learning environment for all your students and I look forward to continuing my education with AOLCC in the future.

Thank you again.
Jacquie D. – CPA Certificates

Brigitte S March 2016

Dear Kingston Campus:
When asked to provide feedback regarding my courses and time with your College, I was pleased to have the opportunity.
As a mature student with volunteer activities, etc., I found the program at your College to exactly meet my needs. I was never made to feel that I did not belong in the program or any classes. I was initially worried, however, your teachers and program has provided me with every opportunity to be successful.
Your flexibility in course time and time in the classroom allowed me the options I needed to complete all my school work. I was allowed to move at my own pace and was encouraged to do courses in the way that worked best for me. This was huge towards my success. I was able to move through classes quickly and as such I was able to complete my program early to meet my personal needs. How wonderful it was to feel in control of my time and commitment.
I appreciated always having someone available to help me. Your teachers are very encouraging and supportive. They understand that every student is coming for a different reason and is trying to balance school and life. I only wish I had teachers like this when I was attending high school.
I feel very positive about myself and my accomplishments in completing this course. It has reinforced my confidence in my abilities and I no longer feel that I am not ‘smart enough’. I am very proud of my efforts and results in this program.
I thank you very much for your support of my goals and for helping me individually to meet them. I would recommend this program to anyone that is interested in continuing their personal education.

Yours in Support,
Brigitte S. – Marketing Co-ordinator Diploma

Michelle G March 2016

The learning environment at Academy of Learning Career College is very positive and encouraging. The staff are very caring, wonderful, patient, encouraging people. The facilitators, Tara, Bev and Racheal have been amazing on so many different levels. I would like to especially thank Tara who has worked with me, shared in my excitement for completing each course and always encouraged me when I was struggling.

Thank you to all the staff at Academy of Learning Career College.

Michelle G. – Medical Office Administrator Diploma

Eric B March 2016

The course has taught me new and cemented some existing skills. The staff are super helpful and understand the pressures of family and work, making it flexible, but professional environment to learn in. The course material is well put together and staff are very accessible if you have questions. I thoroughly recommend AOLCC Kingston to anyone thinking about aiming higher.

Eric B. – Business Administration Diploma

March 2016

The Academy of Learning Career College was the perfect educational match for my personality and corresponded well with my current lifestyle. I had my initial meeting with Dorota Mirek, who took the time to explain the program I expressed interest in. When I finished my meeting, I knew this was the change I required and I felt her overwhelming aspiration to see me succeed; then I knew I had the support I needed to achieve my goals. The flexible scheduling was a component that I required, to balance my present life while upgrading my skills. However, the greatest blessing was the encouragement from all the Facilitators, including my direct contact Beverley Robson. They made the school environment a comfortable learning atmosphere that exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to the Academy of Learning Career College staff for committing to support my goals and contributing to my success! I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a creditable education needing a flexible study schedule.

I read a great quote: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ~Benjamin Franklin

Tanya M. – Payroll and Accounting Certificates

February 2016

My time at Academy of Learning Career College has been a great experience. All team members were welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable. The learning environment enabled me to complete my course at my own speed and leaves me feeling prepared to enter a new career. I would like to say a special Thank You to Tara Teeling for her guidance.

Jean F. – Business Accounting Diploma

February 2016

I was overwhelmed at first, but within 1 week I felt very comfortable and confident thanks to the wonderful staff for supporting me, encouraging me, and believing in me.

Thank you!
Rosie D. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

January 2016

I came to Academy of Learning Career College to get the diploma I needed to return to the job force doing what I have been trained to do. I was either over or under qualified for every job I tried to apply for. I was also faced with a crossroads in my life; I had been out of the workforce ill for almost a year. My doctors advised me I would never be able to return to my previous career in security and perhaps no career for the rest of my life. I was devastated. I turned to Second Career for help and guidance and was directed here to Academy of Learning Career College.

Walking in the door I was scared to death. How am I going to attend school, take care of my son and take care of me? During the initial interview I was assured that my school schedule would fit all of my priorities and needs in and out of the College. I decided to at least try, as I really was uncertain of the future.

Coming back to school has changed my life. I am no longer doubting I can make it, I can support my son and myself and do what I have always wanted to do. I won’t just have a job I will have a career. I have completed my program ahead of schedule, gained the confidence I didn’t have, and my biggest fear has been conquered: I can be a full time contributor to any employer as I have done it, I have that diploma! Without the encouragement and support of the facilitators, student services and even the college president I would never have believed I could do it.

Thank You Academy of Learning Career College!

Melissa W. – Business Administration Diploma

December 2015

I am a graduate from the Medical Office Administration program. I liked the flexible schedule and the caring and supportive staff that were always there to help.

Kerri B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

October 2015

I would like to take this time to express my upmost gratitude to the staff of Academy of Learning Career College Kingston.
Dorota, you’re the best! All the extra you did is greatly appreciated. Tara, thank you for all your encouragement. To the rest of the staff, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I encourage anyone seeking to further their education please go see them. They care and it shows.

Melinda W. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

October 2015

After serving in the military for 25 years, I attended the Academy of Learning Career College. It changed my life forever. I received my high school Diploma with honours and my Business Administration Diploma with honours. AOLC has given me the skills and confidence that I needed to be successful in the future. The staff at the College are very supportive, encouraging and they have a lot of patience for their students; their goal is to see you be successful.
Before attending AOLC, I wasn’t sure what my future held for me but now I am ready to go out in the work force again with a great deal of confidence and feeling educated. I just wanted to say Thank you AOLC for helping me accomplish my goals. I will never forget you guys! I highly recommend the Academy of Learning Career College for anybody that is looking to upgrade their academic skills.
I had a wonderful experience!

Margaret A. – Business Administration Diploma

September 2015

My experience with Academy of Learning Career College in Kingston was absolutely wonderful. The admissions process was fantastic and made you feel comfortable. They really help you open your options as to what you want to learn and get out of this college. The instructors and entire staff are phenomenal at helping you with any questions you have and are willing to work around your schedule for attending the college. I received my Medical Office Administration diploma with honours. I found a position as a medical office administrator a few days before I actually graduated. This position started as a term part time position that lead to permanent full time. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful support system from the entire staff. I definitely recommend this college for any future students!

Angel G. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

September 2015

I am a recent graduate of the Business Administration Diploma here at the Academy of Learning Career College Kingston, Campus. AOLC was a great experience. They treat you like family, the one-on-one support was amazing. They kept me on track and I was able to have a career before graduating a month early. I enjoyed the staff and students here and would recommend this school to anyone that asks. Thanks guys! You all were amazing.

Elizabeth V. – Business Administration Diploma

September 2015

I want to commend the, Academy of Learning Career College. What an amazing way to learn, one course at a time. I have attended a regular college with the semesters, and I prefer a module at a time. I love the idea of learning at a pace that is right for you. I would recommend this way of learning to any age. In my mind, it is the way to learn.

The teachers are there for you when you need help, and help you work things out when life happens to you.

Thank you to all the staff, I really appreciate all the help and support you have given me.

Gennie B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

August 2015

My Experience as a Medical Office Administration Student

Coming from Africa, my friends thought it was going to be difficult to learn in Canada, so I set my goals and decided to enroll at Academy of Learning College. At first, I thought it was an office and later we would all go onto our various classrooms. Later on, I learned it was a place of perfect learning that helps you to understand everything you need to know. The facilitators are so friendly and they bear with me knowing it was difficult, but I was going to make it. They never discouraged me at all; very encouraging kind of people. They were always there to help with I needed them.

Having pursued this excellent program gave me the knowledge, confidence and helped me to overcome my fears that always held me back has brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career in this country. I was astounded with what I achieved as I went along and you will feel the same if you put the required effort into the program. I strongly recommend the Academy of Learning Career College.

Bathsheba W. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

July 2015

My Learning Experience at Academy of Learning

When I think about my favourite experiences during my time at Academy of Learning Career College, many things come to mind. I’m honestly sitting here, trying to think of a specific time that stands out in my mind. I honestly can’t think of one. All that comes to mind is the gift of education. That is my favourite experience at Academy of Learning Career College.

All my life I was told I wasn’t good enough by several people. I believed it. I struggled with school, making friends and fitting in. I grew up in a neighborhood where the values of education were thrown out the window and listening to the latest music and skipping school to go to the arcade, were priorities. I didn’t do well in school. High school was truthfully a blur for me. I felt like I was passed onto each grade only to get me out of the school system faster. I would find myself in conflict with the law, school system, family members, friends and my life was just an honest wreck. However, I do not regret any of my decisions in life. I stand here today, a different man, a different person with different morals, beliefs and values.

Two years ago, a post-secondary education was not an option for me. However, I got my act together, finished high school with honours and took my first step into the real world. After arguing with myself over and over again, I found myself enrolling in Academy of Learning Career College. My one year learning experience at Academy of Learning Career College has truly made me the person I am today. I enrolled in the IT Program here at Academy of Learning Career College and here I was able to identify different sides and qualities in myself that I never knew I had. I was able to grow as an individual and for once in my life feel like I wasn’t a screw up. Here I was able to achieve a new skill, self-confidence and a true appreciation for myself for the first time in my life.

I guess my favourite experience during my time at Academy of Learning Career College is learning. I’m not just talking about books and Excel, Typing…etc. I’m talking about self-discovery and finding out what most people go around their entire life pretending to know who you are inside and out and knowing what you have to offer the world.

So maybe I haven’t taken the time to ever say thank you, but here it is. I thank you, all of you, you have helped me become the person that I am today. I don’t know what words I could type to explain my sincere gratitude. I know I’ve become so much more of the person I have always wanted to be and that I am one step closer to achieving all my dreams.

I’m not a screw up anymore, and I will never be one again. Thank you Academy of Learning Career College.

Jamie C. – Computer Service Technician Diploma

July 2015

I was introduced to AOL through my employer as part of a transition service to military personnel releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces. The Kingston campus offers a resume building and writing course transitioning military members. I hadn’t been in school outside of the military for nearly 30 years. So I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect.

While I was there I met the staff which were all very helpful. I was initially contacted by Dorota Mirek she is the Student Services/Admissions/Financial Aid Officer. Right away I felt welcomed. She really made sure everything was set up and ran smoothly. And always made regular check-ins to see how things were going.

During the resume writing course Racheal Hickey was my teacher. She is very knowledgeable and very patient. She helped me with any obstacles I encountered.

One of the greatest thing though was the ability for the college to allow me to be there when I could, as part of transitioning from the military is many, many appointments. The schedule is flexible and the college will work with students to try and meet any needs they have. Each student is treated as an individual where the program is adjusted to their schedule not the traditional 8-4 day where students must adjust their schedule to fit the schools.

While completing the resume course I found out about other courses that are offered at the college. I eventually decided to attend the Web Design Diploma course as part of transitioning out of the military.

I began the web design course and really enjoyed it. Robert Richer was my instructor, he is very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I learned many new skills and honed up some others that I have not used for a while.

While attending this course I was able to adjust my course schedule as required, the instructors and staff were always willing to help and were very knowledgeable in the subject matter. The learning environment is fairly casual, but not too relaxed, and the actual working area is very quiet and beneficial for learning. Since the schedule is flexible I was able to attend class in-between appointments and work. I was also able to do a lot of the work at home on my own computer in the evenings and bring it into the college the next day for submission.

Overall any of my experiences at Academy of Learning Kingston Campus has been positive. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable and are willing to do what they can to assist, be it the course material or scheduling. I am excited to begin the next my next diploma course in October, Network Administrator. I know I’ll have all the help and support I may need at AOL Kingston. I highly recommend looking into the courses and services offered if you’re thinking about starting a new career.

Wesley D. – Web Designer Diploma

July 2015

Making the decision to go back to school is a stressful time for anyone. Am I choosing the right program? Is now the right time to do this? And so many other questions.

I made the decision back in October of 2014. After working with Keys job centre, and doing the application process and researching the different schools in the area I quickly knew AOL was the right fit for me. From the first meeting with Dorota, she eased my worries and concerns. She took the time to make sure I understood everything fully and answered every question all the way through my course.

The facilitators, Bev, Racheal and Tara have been amazing on so many different levels. They have worked with me, shared in my excitement for completing each course and always encouraged me when I was struggling. They worked with me to find the best possible space in the college for me to be able to learn to the best of my ability.

When I was ready to start applying for jobs, I was once again surrounded by amazing support from Dorota, Michael, Tara, Racheal and Bev. Whether it be a mock interview with Michael, or working with one of the facilitators to make sure your resume and cover letter was going to stand out from all the rest. They never made you feel like they were being inconvenienced or rushed. The staff at Academy of Learning in Kingston truly love their job and it is evident every day!!

The best decision I made was coming to AOLC and 9 months later I have officially finished my diploma; without the wonderful staff, I wouldn’t be where I am right now!

Jenn C. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

July 2015

After many years in the work force, going back to school was a bit frightening and presented quite a challenge for me. With all the help and support I received from the facilitators: Bev, Tara and Racheal, I persevered and completed my courses without too much difficulty. I especially want to thank the administratives, Dorota and Michael, for allowing me to stay after my time was up to complete the last few courses I needed to obtain my diploma.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Academy of Learning Career College to anyone who is interested in furthering their education or changing career.
Thank you to all the staff for making this experience so awesome!

Thea S. – Business Office Accounting Clerk Diploma

June 2015

I am a recent graduate of the Kingston Academy of Learning Career College, and was lucky enough to take advantage of the TIOW Program, through the Keys Job Centre in Gananoque. (Thank you Carol Anne). What a new lease of going-forward this has been for me. Never too old to learn – never too old to have fun learning. The girls at AOLCC, Kingston – Bev, Tara and Racheal (staff teachers) and Michael Teglas (owner), all have a wonderful ability of bringing out the best in their students. The learning atmosphere in the College is relaxed, encouraging, professional and superior. Dorota – Office Manager, has an amazing ability of helping students overcome financial difficulties, making the opportunity of further education so much more accessible.

With the training the College gave me, I have been able to find medical secretarial employment at KGH – finally!! (I thoroughly recommend a mock interview with Michael, prior to a job interview – it certainly didn’t go amiss for me, and I know it also helped another student in her job search too!

Barb S. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

April 2015


Tanya G. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

February 2015


Megan S. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

MillyB January 2015

I would like to thank you again for the opportunity of attending the Academy of Learning Career College. It was a great experience that I can take with me and show others that you can learn new things later on in life and still have fun.

Thanks again.
Milly B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

December 2014

Hello, my name is Debbie Beaupre and I am a recent graduate of the Medical Office Administration program. My experience at the Academy of Learning has been a very positive one. While taking the course in typing I overlooked the amount of dedication and skill required to achieve 40 words a minute. With much practice, encouragement and help by the staff I finally accomplished my goal. The school was generous enough to give me extra time to accomplish this task.

The staff is dedicated to the success of each student at the Academy. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of the College. I would like to express my sincere thank you to all employees at the Academy of Learning for my new career.

Debbie B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

November 2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning in an atmosphere where I was encouraged and helped by an experienced, friendly group of people. Each of the courses I studied were interesting and provided me with a better understanding of what I was doing.

Thanks to learning in a very positive environment, I enjoyed taking the Medical Office Administration Program. I am both encouraged and confident that this experience will greatly benefit me in a medical office setting.

You’re never too old to strive for your optimal best in life, whatever challenges you may face. The potential for greatness is within each one of us. It just needs to be recognized.

Jane C. – Medical Office Administration Diploma

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