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Valuable Job Search Lesson comes from knocking on the wrong door!

We all know that cold calling can be very stressful and not very successful.  Here is a true story of a current student nearing graduation that can help us better understand how to turn this misconception around and learn from it.

The other day, one of our students planned a visit to a Kingston area Dental Office to apply for a position she saw advertised.  She was greeted warmly and was asked to join the office manager in one of the inner offices.  The manager was very interested to find out how she had heard of the opportunity.  The student replied that she had seen their ad online.  The manager replied that they had not had an ad online for close to two months!  At that moment the student realized that she had entered a Medical Clinic by the same name as the Dental Office two doors down!  This is where the lesson is to be learned.  You would think this would be disastrous and embarrassing, but as it turns out, to our students surprise, the Medical Clinic was very interested in talking about a possible position with them even though they weren’t looking for someone.

So, what did we learn?  Well, our student thought she was going to a place where she was applying for an advertised position, she was prepared, enthusiastic and confident in her approach, so much so that they wanted to talk to her more! Remember, it has everything to do with how you approach the opportunity!  Always put your best impression forward, always.

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