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Living and Working in Kingston

By: Tara Teeling

2015 is officially here, and with it has come a year that is blossoming with potential for anyone to develop a new career.  If you are a current student who is eager to explore different job possibilities, or a past student who is looking to utilize your skills in a job that better suits your personal and professional objectives, Kingston is a city that can provide you with the opportunities with which to meet your individual goals.

Ranked at 11th place in the Money Sense annual list of Canada’s Best Places to Live, our city boasts many desirable attributes which have made it an attractive destination for people, some of which are our beautiful architecture, favourable weather, low unemployment rate, low crime rates and affordable housing.  With a population that continues to climb, Kingston “has been ranked a Top Canadian Hotspot for Young, Talented workers, and has earned a place on the Intelligent Communities Smart21”, according to Kedco.

Live & Work Kingston is a career fair which will be taking place February 10, 2015, showcasing various employment opportunities available in the greater Kingston area as well as recreation and entertainment industries displaying what they have to offer. With more than 65 local employers taking part, you can learn what part-time positions, summer employment and post-graduate career opportunities are available, as well as placement and volunteer options.  This is a great way to make initial contact with employers, as well as to find out what the competition looks like and how to measure up and beyond so that you can be the one who hears “You’re Hired!”

It takes more than just showing up with a smile, though.  Aside from a pleasant demeanour, professional dress, and a neat, detailed résumé, you need to make sure that you are submitting your name for a job that suits your skill set.  Is it possible that you are applying for a position that requires qualifications you have not yet achieved?  Or, conversely, are you underestimating what you can do and what you have already accomplished?  It is important to be realistic in your approach to job hunting as it allows you to make connections based on actual merit as well as avoid feeling rejected when you apply for a position that you are unsuited for.

For instance, would it be reasonable to submit a résumé for a position which clearly indicates that a Master’s Degree is required when you don’t have one?  Look at what the position entails in the job description and determine whether or not you possess enough of the skills to meet its demands.  Certainly, training is usually offered to those who are starting a new position, but you also need to ensure that you are able to “think on your feet” and take initiative in developing your skills independently, utilizing the tools you have rather than timidly relying on someone else to give them to you.  Success often is the result of more than just education; it is the desired product of an effective plan and a practical means of action.  Essentially, take what you know and put it to work.

Job hunting is not an easy thing for anyone, but through determining what you want and comparing it to what skills you can bring to the position, you immediately relieve yourself of self-doubt and will feel more confident every time you walk into an interview.

This beautiful city of ours is full of opportunities for anyone who wants to embrace them.  So, get out there and explore; it’s all waiting for you.

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