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Thinking of going to College this Fall? It’s not too late.

Academy of Learning College offers a very different learning environment than what is offered through the traditional public education system.

Ask yourself, if you had the chance to design a whole new learning environment do you think the following would be on your list?

#1 – Continual intake so you can start whenever you are ready, not when the college tells you you can.

#2 – High quality learning materials designed to make learning easier, not just going out and purchasing a book off the shelf.

#3 – Flexible scheduling, so you don’t miss class when you or your kids are sick or you have an important appointment?

#4 – What about the opportunity to spend extra time on course content that you are struggling with, not at home by yourself, but in class with one to one assistance from a professional?

#5 – Wouldn’t it be nice to accelerate through course material you are feeling comfortable with instead of having to wait for the Instructor and your slower classmates?

#6 – How would you like to have a remote control for your lecturer to pause rewind them and listen again for reinforcement?

#7 – How about working one to one with the expert that knows this stuff, the Instructor, not an assistant the actual Instructor?

These are just some of the differences.  If you answered yes to all of the above, you need to come visit Academy of Learning College and join our many happy graduates from our 22, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities approved Diploma and Certificate programs in BUSINESS, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and HEALTHCARE 

Join our successful graduates, call 613-544-8973 today and get started on your new career right away!

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