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Tips for Staying Productive During the Summer Months

Summer 2013 is almost here!

Are you already having trouble staying focused on your studies here at Academy of Learning College or being productive at your workplace because the sun is shining and the warm weather is beckoning you to enjoy the great outdoors?

These simple tips may inspire you to think about your study/work habits!

Have a regular sleep routine
- Not everyone is a morning person, but having a full day to accomplish tasks, errands, etc. is a great feeling.

Eat a good, hearty breakfast
- Feed your mind in the morning with a healthy breakfast- protein, whole grains and fruits/veggies. Even some caffeine might help to get the started right!

Enjoy the outdoors (in moderation)
- During the summer months there are going to be days that are gorgeous out. Reward yourself after working hard with a 15 minute break to enjoy the sun and the fresh air.

These tips, and more, can make you one of the most productive people this summer!

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