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Understanding Occupational Stress Injuries: Their impact on school, work and life

On April 3, 2013 Academy of Learning College welcomed Tim and Raquel from OSISS- Operational Stress Injury Social Support-  to talk with the staff and students about occupational stress and the affect it can have not only on one’s job, but one’s life.

OSISS primarily provides support to Canadian Forces members, Veterans and their families but the information they shared proved to be relevant for anyone, military or civilian, experiencing any type of stress injury.

Tim and Raquel identified the most common stress injuries- Trauma (including PTSD), Fatigue, Grief and Moral Injury- and provided some of the tell tale signs that follow these injuries: Aggressive Behaviour, Isolation, Addictions…etc.

Parallels were drawn between Operational Stress Injuries, such as PTSD, and difficulties integrating into a civilian educational environment.  Students suffering may experience difficulty concentrating, difficulty with the classroom size, exam anxiety and many other symptoms that could be triggered at any time.

OSISS is completely confidential and offers a peer based, non-clinical support to those affected by Operational Stress Injuries.  For more information about the support they offer or to find a location closest to you, check out www.

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