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Academy of Learning graduate discusses experiences at the College and job searching

Courtney Longfield, a former student of Academy of Learning College, returned to speak with the current students about her time at the College and experiences while finding her new career.

Courtney chose Academy of Learning College because she needed a school that would assist her in balancing her life responsibilities (work, family and school); Flexibility was key. She also appreciated that Dorota spoke with her professionally and explained the process in depth.

She enjoyed the facilitated learning and appreciated having a mentor to keep her on schedule and assist her with courses. The Job Search and Resume Writing course was especially helpful when the time came to transition from school to career.

Courtney found a few courses challenging and at times, it was difficult to stay focused and not get frustrated. She also had to balance family and school but the flexible schedules here at the College and the supportive staff was integral in her success.

Her first job after graduation was a part time position at Hotel Dieu. This experience, coupled with her diploma, landed her the current full time permanent position she now holds at Queens University in the Palliative Care Department. The job posting for Queens recommended the applicant have a University degree, but they were satisfied with her College Diploma because during the interview she was able to back up all the skills listed on the job posting using her knowledge and experiences.

Regarding the interview process, Courtney explained that the better researched and prepared you are, the more confident you will feel. She asked many questions about the interview process including “Who will be interviewing me?” and “What levels of Microsoft Office will I be tested in?” She was able to study her old course books and do in depth research about Queens, the Palliative Care department and the doctors who were to interview her.

Courtney explained that the right combination of education, experience and attitude can make all the difference when job hunting. The key takeaways from her presentation that anyone can use when searching for their future career are: Be Persistent, Be Confident and Know that the employer’s wish list is NOT set in stone; you might be just what they were looking for!

Thank you, Courtney, for taking the time to share your experiences with the staff and students at Academy of Learning College, Kingston.



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