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Surveys to Jumpstart your Career Investigation

Having trouble thinking about your transferable skills or what you are truly looking for in a career?  Completing free online surveys can get you thinking about what you have to offer employers. 

-          The Keirsey Personality Questionnaire is tool to help job seekers discover their personality type which will aid in choosing proper wording in Resumes and Cover Letters.

-          The Blueprint Quiz, found on Service Canada’s Website, will help job seekers identify your priorities in life and work.

-          The Transferable Skills Survey shows you your strengths and weaknesses in 5 broad skill areas, divided up by more specific skills.   This gives you the areas you should self-promote and the ones you should continue to grow.

The results to these surveys, as well as many others found in the Job Search and Resume Course at Academy of Learning College, can provide you with power words and phrases to give your resume a solid foundation.


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